FBI Busted For Starting Trump Surveillance Of Democrats

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said that the surveillance of Democrats is also an FBI problem after they started spying on Democrats for Trump.

Sen. Whitehouse tweeted:

The problem isn’t a few Trump bad apples still hanging around the top of the DOJ. The issue that the DOJ has been systemically corrupted, and the corruption goes down as far as the boots on the ground FBI.

There is no acceptable excuse for anyone in the Bureau participating in these activities. Trump had launched so many attacks against the FBI that they were obviously afraid of him, but there is a big leap from fear to actively instigating surveillance of a president’s political opponents.

Sen. Whitehouse is correct. The FBI needs to be questioned on this. An internal DOJ investigation is the minimal first step. A full-blown congressional probe into what was going on in all areas of the DOJ during the Trump administration is a necessity.