Joe Manchin Gets A Wake Up Call As Mitch McConnell Says No Republican Will Support Voting Rights

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked about Sen. Joe Manchin’s voting rights compromise, and he said no Republican would support it.

Here is what McConnell told reporters:

Sen. Manchin’s compromise is a really good proposal. It got the support of Stacey Abrams. Manchin keeps key elements of the For The People Act in place but adds a voter ID requirement that is flexible. It is a proposal that every Democrat should get behind, and it should have drawn Republican support if Republicans were not intent on rigging elections by stopping people from voting.

The bipartisanship that Manchin and others want to return to the Senate does not exist. There is no voting rights bill that would get Republican support. Mitch McConnell said it himself, so it is time for Sen. Manchin and the other Democratic holdouts to wake up and change the filibuster to pass a voting rights bill.