Putin Praises Biden As Astute And Shrewd As Somewhere Trump’s Ego Crumbles

Putin called President Biden an astute and shrewd negotiator in what is certain to be a blow to the ego of the failed former president.

The AP reported:

Biden kept him on his guard with his savvy negotiating skills, Putin said.

“He perfectly knows the matter,” Putin said. “He is fully concentrated and knows what he wants to achieve. And he does it very shrewdly.”

He dismissed what he described as media attempts to cast Biden as physically frail, noting that the 78-year-old U.S. president was in great shape even though the meeting wrapped up a European tour for him that included the G-7 and NATO summits.

These words coming from their Russian puppeteer are the last thing that Republicans wanted to hear. The GOP was openly rooting for Biden to fail at his first summit with Putin. Instead of failure, Biden made Putin respect the United States again.

Trump spent years hailing his relationship with Putin while also claiming that he was tough on Russia, but Putin’s reaction to meeting with Biden shows what real toughness looks like.

Biden said at his press conference on Wednesday that he didn’t threaten Putin. The President told him what would happen if Russia continued to attack the sovereignty of the United States.

Trump’s ego has been hit with another crushing blow as even the man that he spent four years kneeling to acknowledges the superiority of President Joe Biden.