DOJ Releases Horrifying New Footage Of Trump Supporters Attacking Police On 1/6

Last updated on June 19th, 2021 at 05:33 am

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The DOJ has released bodycam footage from the 1/6 attack that shows Trump supporters attacking the police with flag poles.

Video is explicit:

The footage shows the attackers that Republicans compared to tourists jumping the barricades and attacking the outnumbered police with weapons.

The video debunks every single lie that Republicans and their media have told about the 1/6 attack. The men in the video aren’t protesters. They are domestic terrorists who were attacking police officers who were risking their lives to protect the United States government.

The reason why Republicans don’t want a 1/6 investigation is that it will result in more footage like this being made public.

The truth is in the video, and what it shows is angry white men with Trump flags flying, attacking cops and the United States government.

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