Christian Crowd Attacks Mike Pence And Calls Him A Traitor For Not Overturning The Election

Mike Pence thought that he would build hype for his 2024 presidential campaign and at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit, instead the crowd called him a traitor.


Pence said tried to sell himself as a Christian before he is a Republican and the crowd responded to his statement by screaming traitor at him.

Right-wing conservatives were supposed to be the backbone of any Pence 2024 run. Pence’s relationship with social conservatives why was Trump put him on the ticket, but Pence is now a heretic because he refused to overturn the election, which he had no power to do anyway, but in Trump’s Republican Party there is no place for facts and laws.

If Mike Pence can’t a standing ovation from a crowd made up of right-wing Christians, he has no political career left. Pence will never be president. He may never win another elective office at any level as a Republican.

Mike Pence did the right thing for his country, and members of his own party have responded by labeling him a traitor to Trump.