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Biden Destroys The Media Myth That Democrats Are In Disarray

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President Biden was having none of the idea that his multitrack plan for infrastructure is jeopardized by Democratic division.


President Biden said,  “The bipartisan bill from the very beginning was understood that there is going to have to be the second part of it. I’m not just signing the bipartisan bill and forgetting about the rest that I proposed. I won’t forget about the rest that I proposed. 

I proposed a significant piece of legislation in three parts. And all three parts are equally important. By the way, my party — everybody tells me what my party
is. The party is divided. Well, my party is divided. But my party is also rational. And if they can’t get every single thing they want but the bill all that they have in the bill before them is good are they going to vote no? I don’t think so. “

What the corporate media keeps missing about Democrats is that while they may disagree on how things get done, or when, they don’t disagree on what needs to be done. There is a foundational core of principles and issues that Democrats agree on.

Most internal debates among Democrats are about the how and when not the what.

Republicans are a party with no principles with a growing domestic terror cell inside of it that is being led by a twice impeached former president who is potentially criminal charges before the year is over.

There is a party in disarray, but it’s not the Democrats, as Joe Biden both knows his party and isn’t buying into the Democrats in disarray corporate media tall tale.

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