Joe Biden

The Wins Keep Coming For Biden: 11 Republican Senators Endorse Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Twenty-one Senators, including eleven Republicans, released a joint statement endorsing the bipartisan infrastructure deal.

The statement:

The Senators were not deterred by the fact that Speaker Pelosi is playing it safe in the House and won’t pass the bipartisan package until after Democrats pass the larger reconciliation bill.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell is under the belief that he can make President Biden’s agenda unpopular by allowing an infrastructure bill to pass while opposing the reconciliation bill, which includes the jobs and human infrastructure components of President Biden’s proposal.

McConnell is hoping that Republicans will benefit in the midterm election by opposing the creation of jobs. The strategy, if one wants to call it that, has never made much sense, but with Biden being popular and Republicans having no agenda, it is all that McConnell has.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill is showing signs of being on track for Senate passage, as the wins keep coming for Joe Biden while Republicans flail around in their failure.

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