The White House Isn’t Buying The GOP’s BS Outrage On Infrastructure

The White House knows that the Republican lie that they didn’t know there were two infrastructure bills is a performance.

Politico reported in among their usual breathless Democrats in crisis reporting, an interesting nugget, “Inside the White House, there is a belief that Senate Republicans outside the group of negotiators are keen on finding any means they can to kill the deal. And senior Democrats portrayed Republicans as feigning outrage over something they should have known to be the case all along.”

White House Press Secretary made the same point during her briefing on Friday.  Democrats have been publicly talking about a two-bill process for months.  Republicans knew all about it, but they were hoping that Democrats wouldn’t have the votes to pass the second part, the “human infrastructure” component, and President Biden would have to settle for their much smaller bill.

Now that it is clear that Democrats have the votes to pass this legislation with reconciliation, Republicans are caving to the outrage from within their own party and are looking to bail.

The White House needs to fight for the bipartisan bill because that is how they will keep all 50 Democrats on board to pass the reconciliation bill, but they aren’t falling for the Republican BS and remain focused on getting Biden‘s legislative priorities passed into law.