House Republican Crumbles As Chris Wallace Hits Him With Facts About GOP Voting To Defund Police

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) was stopped dead in his tracks by Chris Wallace, who showed that it is Republicans who are defunding the police.


Wallace asked, “Congressman Banks, you voted against that package, against the $350 billion just like every other Republican in the House & Senate,  so can’t you make the argument that it’s you and Republicans who are defunding the police?”

Banks tried to bring up comments that Democrats have made, and Wallace stopped him, “Sir, respectfully, I heard you make that point, but I’m asking you there’s $350 billion in that package that the president says can be used for policing. ”

Banks then tried to say that his point was important, Wallace laid out the specific ways that the money can be used to help the police and said, “Respectfully, I’ve heard your point about the last year, but you and every other Republican voted against this $350 billion.”

The $350 billion that Republicans voted against for policing is not the same as their ongoing effort to defund the Capitol Police who are going to run out of money in August because Senate Republicans are refusing to negotiate emergency funding for the Capitol Police to cover the additional costs associated with the 1/6 attack on the Capitol.

Chris Wallace is showing everyone on cable news how to interview a Republican who only comes prepared with their talking points.

Democrats voted for the money for policing. Republicans did not. Given these two facts, it is clear who is trying to defund the police, and it is not the Democratic Party.

Republicans can’t handle being asked serious questions about their own votes and behavior. Rep. Banks didn’t know what to when he was asked why he voted to defund the police.

If more hosts followed Wallace’s lead, Republicans would not be able to go on television and repeat their lies unchallenged.