Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Nancy Pelosi To Put Her On The 1/6 Committee

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told CNN‘s Jim Acosta that she wants Speaker Pelosi to put her on the committee investigating the 1/6 attack.


After Acosta asked Greene for proof that the FBI was behind the 1/6 attack and she had none, she expressed interest in serving on the committee investigating the 1/6 attack.

Greene answered, “Sure, she should put me on the committee. That would be great, you know? “

Jim Acosta asked, “And you would show up and ask questions?”

Greene said,  “Absolutely. Of course, I would. I’ve worked hard all my life, and I would work hard there as well.”

There is zero chance that Speaker Pelosi puts Greene, who she has referred to as the enemy within, on the committee investigating the 1/6 attack that she is under suspicion of providing support to.

On Saturday night, Rep. Greene spoke at Trump’s rally in Ohio, where she called for AOC and Pelosi to be locked up.

Of course, Greene wants to be on the 1/6 committee. What criminal doesn’t want to investigate their own crime?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is more likely to be called to testify in front of the committee than she is to get anywhere near a position of investigative power.

Speaker Pelosi wants a serious and credible investigation, which rules out Marjorie Taylor Green.