WATCH: Former Executive VP of Trump Org. Says Former President Probably Deserves to Go to Jail

Last updated on June 29th, 2021 at 03:17 pm

Few people understand what makes Donald Trump tick more than Barbara Res. Res was a pioneer in the New York business world. In the 1970’s and 80’s she became an Executive Vice President in the Trump Organization.

She has been critical of the former president since leaving the company, though. And during a Sunday appearance on CNN, she said that her former boss probably deserves to go to jail for his actions while running the business.

Res told Jim Acosta, “I hear them talk about going after the Trump Organization, but the Trump Organization is not General Motors. It was just a kind of loose thing that we called ourselves. I think it was incorporated, but later, after I started there. I’m sure that everything, every operation that he has, is held in a holding company or an LLC.”

The former Exec also expressed surprise that Allen Weisselberg hasn’t turned on his former boss. She continued, “Weisselberg, I’m surprised he’s not talking. I don’t understand. He can’t get a pardon. It sort of explains some of the other people, but Trump has something on him, I would imagine.”

Res closed the segment by opining, “But I do know him, and I know that he’s very deliberate, very measured, and very vengeful. And he doesn’t follow the rules. He never did follow the rules. So, does he deserve to go to jail? I imagine he does.”

The former Exec worked hand in hand with Trump for nearly 20 years, so if she’s convinced that he’s in trouble, he probably is.

Todd Neikirk

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