WATCH: Frank Figliuzzi Explains That Potential Serious Legal Trouble Ivanka Trump Could Find Herself In

The Trump Organization was always run as a family business. The company was started by Fred Trump and inherited by his son Donald. All of Donald Trump‘s adult children has had some kind of role within the company.

And the Trump Organization is currently being investigated by New York. Ivanka Trump, though, could be facing legal issues outside of her home state. On Monday, it was revealed that she may have lied to investigators in Washington DC in regards to the 2016 inauguration. During an appearance on MSNBC, Frank Figliuzzi laid out the trouble this situation may create.

Trump has reportedly told Washington DC investigators that she had no role in the planning of the event. Figliuzzi said to Nicolle Wallace, “There’s emails and emails with her on them — right down to selecting the menu and the catering and hosting events during the inauguration. Let’s add her to the list of friends and family caught up in the toxicity.”

The legal analyst continued, “It actually can go to the approach and strategy to a prosecution and whether you’re looking at an enterprise approach — whether you’re going to claim the entire organization is systemically corrupt, that it exists to commit fraud or fraud is how it does business. It makes a difference when you’re deciding to charge corporate officers at an organization if it’s systemic, if they were all in it and coordinated and collaborated together. That helps prosecutors decide whether individuals need to go to prison as well.”

It was expected that Donald Trump would try to shield Ivanka more than his sons. In this case, though, there would be little he could do to help.