Report: It’s Likely Kevin McCarthy Will Put Marjorie Taylor Greene On 1/6 Committee

NBC News‘s Garrett Haake is reporting that is likely that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will put Marjorie Taylor Greene on the 1/6 Committee.


Haake reported on MSNBC, “As for the possibility of a Marjorie Taylor Greene, I think that’s quite likely. Republicans have looked at this committee as purely political from the get-go, and so the decision to pick more politically minded members for it does not seem out of the realm of possibility at all.”

Recent Events Have Telegraphed Greene Possibly Serving On The 1/6 Committee.

Rep. Greene (R-GA) told CNN’s Jim Acosta that she wants to serve on the committee, and she wanted Nancy Pelosi to pick her for the committee. Greene’s status as a Trump favorite was cemented when she spoke at the former president’s rally in Ohio last Saturday.

If Minority Leader McCarthy is looking to turn the committee into a circus of distractions while making Trump happy putting some of his top loyalists on it, he will pick people like Marjorie Taylor Greene as part of his five selections.

Republicans are going to do everything possible to distract from and discredit the investigative work of the select committee.  The idea of Marjorie Taylor Greene or someone similar, bringing conspiracy theories to the investigation is very likely going to become a reality.