Rachel Maddow Wrecks The Lie That Republicans Want To Work With Democrats

Rachel Maddow took on one of the Beltway media’s favorite false claims that Republicans want to work with Democrats.


Maddow said:

Tonight, though, we learned Republican leadership is whipping the vote to get all their members to vet against that, too. It is literally their own workplace that was attacked by a mob that was, among other things shouting at the time they wanted to hunt down and hang the vice president from their own party. The Republicans do not want the look into it. They will not vote for any inquiry, Either a nonpartisan or bipartisan or select committee, to look into what happened there. They will not hear it. 

I love that the Beltway press still maintains that Republicans are going to come along and vote in significant numbers for Joe Biden‘s infrastructure bill, or, you know, for bipartisan prison reform efforts or literally anything Biden or the Democrats want to do. They will not vote to investigate a crime committed against themselves, not if the Democrats want it. The Republicans are not interested in doing stuff with the Democrats. Big stuff, small stuff. They don’t want it. 

Republicans Don’t Want To Work With Democrats.

During the Obama presidency, Republicans developed a habit of voting against their own legislation if Democrats supported it. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy went back to the same strategy of opposing anything that Democrats support because they are under the false belief that they can make the Biden agenda appear controversial and unpopular if they just say no.

Despite virtually daily evidence that the vast majority of Republicans in Congress have zero interest in bipartisanship, the press continues to push the lie that Republicans want to work together.

Republicans have no interest in bipartisanship because they view it as politically risky.

They will not work with Democrats on anything substantial during the Biden presidency, and nobody is fooled into believing otherwise by the Beltway media’s favorite lie.