Ivanka Trump Could Be Going Down As Trump Organization Accused Of Stealing From Presidential Inauguration

Last updated on July 3rd, 2021 at 08:16 am

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Allen Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law dropped a bombshell allegation that puts Ivanka Trump in the middle of the Trump Organization stealing money.

Video of Jennifer Weisselberg on MSNBC:

Weisselberg said that her former father-in-law hasn’t flipped because Trump has leverage on him.

Jennifer Weisselberg said on MSNBC, “It seems like it bleeds into the Trump Organization, and there were some things going on after Donald was already president when they were capitalizing on making money for themselves. It looks like in depositions, Allen Weisselberg was involved along with the CFO and the White House to orchestrate that money, and one of the organizations that stole the money looks like it was the Trump Org, and I have to tell the truth.”

Ivanka Trump Is At The Center Of The Investigation Into The Missing Inauguration Funds

The District of Columbia is investigating $140 million in missing funds from the Trump Inauguration Committee. The Committee was a non-profit, and at the center of the investigation is Ivanka Trump, who recently perjured herself while testifying in DC. 

Ivanka Trump was the Trump Organization official who was in charge of the hotel rates at the Trump Hotel in DC. Ivanka Trump is accused of bilking the inauguration committee by charging rates that were inflated vastly above the market rate.

The former president’s daughter is at the center of the questions surrounding the missing funds. Ivanka Trump may have also committed tax crimes while stealing from the non-profit. 

If Jennifer Weisselberg is correct, the Trump Organization’s theft is not just a problem for Allen Weisselberg but also for Ivanka Trump.


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