Melania Was the Most Beautiful!: Watch as Lara Trump Throws a Fit Over Jill Biden’s Vogue Cover

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:33 pm

During her time in the White House, Conservative media spent lots of time telling the public about how great Melania Trump was. At the same time, the former First Lady was doing not so great things. Her 2016 RNC speech was plagiarized from Michelle Obama. And who could ever forget her infamous jacket.

There were also countless complaints that Melania wasn’t put on magazine covers like other First Ladies. And now Vogue has revealed that Jill Biden will be appearing on the magazine only months after Joe Biden was inaugurated. On Wednesday, Fox News invited Lara Trump to whine about the unfairness of it all.

The former president’s daughter-in-law began, “It’s too bad that we didn’t have a first lady who was a model, who was incredibly fashionable, who they could put on the cover of Vogue when Donald Trump was in office. Oh wait, we did! It was Melania Trump!”

Trump continued, “Until it was Melania Trump because she’s married to Donald Trump. They hate him so much that they decided to snub her. And you know what? I think it really hurt them,” she added. “People very clearly see their bias, they see where they stand now. And I am going to guess that they have lost quite a bit of readership due to the fact that they have taken such a strong political stand.”

The Trump family is wildly unpopular outside of any media other than ones with a Conservative bend. At Vogue is very unlikely to lose readers for their refusal to put Melania Trump on a cover.

Todd Neikirk

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