Nicolle Wallace Tells Democrats To Hold 1/6 Hearings In Primetime To Expose Republicans

MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace had a great suggestion for House Democrats to hold the 1/6 Committee hearings in primetime.


Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House:

I don’t think the Republicans are the ones to watch. It’s how savvy can Democrats be with just how bipartisan this has been. It was a bipartisan vote to impeach, to convict the ex-president. It wasn’t enough. It was a bipartisan vote to create a commission and came up short in the senate. What is partisan is the obstruction. 

The only thing partisan has been the Republican lies and refusal to get to the bottom of it. Democrats have an opportunity to have fact-finding inquiries and hearings to put them on in prime time and to educate the American people about something Republicans don’t want them to see. Talk about making it impossible to look away. The only partisan approach to the insurrection has been the Republicans. 

Democrats Should Turn The 1/6 Hearings Into Must Watch Television

The United States government was attacked by domestic terrorists. Republicans are trying to cover up the attack and don’t want there to be an investigation.

Beyond politics and elections, it is vital for Democrats to put these hearings in a position of maximum visibility for the good of the country.

The American people need to know the facts about what happened on January 6.

The best way to ensure that the public sees the hearings is to hold them when people are at home and likely to be watching. Democrats could make it impossible for Republicans to hide and cover up the truth about the attack on the Capitol.