Donald Trump

With Indictment Coming, Press Blocked From Trump/Abbott Border Event

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and his staff are blocking the press from attending his border event with Trump the day before Trump’s business will be indicted.

CNN‘s Jim Acosta tweeted:

Trump’s Business Will Be Indicted Tomorrow, Greg Abbott Is Restricting Press Access

It is not a  coincidence that the day before Trump’s CFO and his business the Trump Organization is reportedly facing imminent criminal indictment, Gov. Greg Abbott change plans and restrict press access so that anyone who might ask the former president a difficult question will not be allowed into the event.

The cutting off of the press is a way for Trump to avoid being held accountable. It happened constantly when he was president. If Trump had bad news, or something happened that he feared would make him look bad, he would either go into hiding or cut himself off from any journalist that might ask a difficult question or hold him accountable.

Nothing has changed. The law is finally coming for Trump, and the response of the former president and his party is to try to hide by attacking press freedom.


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