Biden Torches Mitch McConnell For Taking Credit For Kentucky COVID Relief

President Biden knew exactly how to needle his former Senate colleague Mitch McConnell taking credit for Kentucky COVID relief money.

Video of Biden:

Transcript via The White House as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Q    Mr. President, Mitch McConnell says you’re in for a heck of a fight on this one.

THE PRESIDENT:  Mitch McConnell loves our programs.  Did you see what Mitch McConnel said?  He told me he wasn’t going to get a single vote in order to allow me to get, with the help of everybody here, that $1.9 trillion tax cut — I mean, excuse me, program to — for economic growth.

Look it up, man.  He’s bragging about in Kentucky: “It’s a great thing for Kentucky.  It’s getting $4 billion to help poor.”  It’s amazing.  Check out Mitch McConnell.  You can even see it on TV.  

Republicans Have Been Voting No And Taking The Credit For COVID Relief

Mitch McConnell is far from alone in voting no and then taking credit back home for President Biden’s popular policies. House Republicans have been doing the same thing for months.

All of the Republicans voted no on COVID relief, but it is immensely popular, which is how the situation where Mitch McConnell is praising the legislation that he voted against and tried to stop.

President Biden keeps a list of all of the Republicans who voted no, and at the very top is his old friend and raging hypocrite, Mitch McConnell.