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Trump Golf Club Fined $400K for Overserving Customer Who Was Involved in Deadly Car Accident

Since he’s been out of office, Donald Trump has been facing a number of different legal battles. The state of Georgia is looking into his attempts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. The state of New York is conducting a deep dive into the Trump Organization.

Another of Trump’s businesses, his golf course in Colts Neck, New Jersey settled a case this week. The club has been fined $400,000 for overserving a customer who was later involved in a deadly car accident.


Andrew Halder began his day at the club back in August of 2015. He got in a car accident upon leaving about 4 miles from the course. His father, Gary Halder was killed in the wreck.

Halder had been drinking while on the course. And the Trump club has been charged with dispensing drinks other than beer from carts. The club was also charged with serving the golfer after it was clear that he was intoxicated.


The Washington Post reports, “The state had originally sought to revoke the Colts Neck club’s liquor license, a penalty that would have also revoked liquor licenses at Trump’s two other New Jersey clubs. Golf industry experts said that would have removed a major source of the clubs’ revenue.”

David Fahrenthold continues, “Instead, the Colts Neck club will pay the $400,000 penalty, which is equivalent to 6.5 percent of its total revenue in 2020, according to Trump’s presidential disclosure filings. It will also lose its right to sell alcohol from carts on the course, settlement papers said.”


Trump will now move on to fighting his cases in New York and Georgia.



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