Frank Figliuzzi: I Don’t Think Tucker Carlson’s Whistleblower Exists, But if They Do, They’re Getting Arrested [Video]

Tucker Carlson has always been one of the more extreme anchors on Fox News. But since Donald Trump lost the election, he’s gone even further off the deep end. Whether is has to deal with white supremacy or COVID-19, no conspiracy theory has been out of bounds for the personality.

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In the last few weeks, Carlson has been claiming that he is being spied on by the NSA. And in a recent segment, he claimed that it has something to do with his attempts to interview Vladimir Putin.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Frank Figliuzzi said that the Fox host is playing a dangerous game. And the former FBI agent said that Carlson may even get his whistleblower arrested.

First, Figliuzzi said that he’s not sure the whistleblower is even real. He then continued, “There’s something much larger going on here. Another page in the playbook of folks like Tucker Carlson and the GOP who want to continue to erode the public’s trust in their institutions. If you keep doing that enough the objective is you can’t trust your institutions and the career professionals and then the only people you can trust are us. And you get to reshape the truth into your own version of reality. That’s what’s going on here.”

The former FBI agent concluded, “the idea somebody saw Tucker’s name being passed around or they had access to it and they leaked it to him, let me say this, if that person even exists, they’re going to be arrested for passing top-secret information. But I’m not sure that person exists.”


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