The Lincoln Project Hammers Comcast For Refusing To Air Toyota Ad

The Lincoln Project has a new ad calling out Toyota for donating to Republicans who tried to overturn the election, and Comcast refused to air it.

The ad:

The ad is a barnburner. The Lincoln Project lays out Toyota’s support and rewarding of Republicans who are trying to destroy democracy.

Comcast claimed that the ad violated its guidelines.

The Lincoln Project Calls Out Comcast Corporate Censorship And Weakening Democracy.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, The Lincoln Project responded:

It is clear Comcast would rather act as a shield for their corporate advertisers than air a factual critique of one of the largest corporations operating in America today. Comcast, like Toyota, is prioritizing their bottom line over supporting and defending democracy.

The Lincoln Project will not be deterred by corporate censorship. Indeed, we will continue to hold corporations accountable for funding those who seek to weaken our democracy — and Comcast may be among them.

Why Is Comcast Attacking Democracy?

Comcast refused to air the ad because they fear that Toyota will pull their substantial advertising dollars. There is no other reason for refusing the ad. Well, there is one other reason, and that is that maybe some elements of corporate America like Comcast are trying to weaken democracy.

By covering up for Toyota, the impact of Comcast’s decision is detrimental to the health and well-being of democracy.

Comcast put profits ahead of the democratic system that has allowed their business to flourish.