With His Potential Last Moments Of Freedom Matt Gaetz Is Running A Scam to Make Trump Speaker

The indictment of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is expected soon, but Gaetz is spending his time running a fundraising scam based on making Trump Speaker.

Jake Sherman tweeted:

Gaetz and Sherman went back and forth:

Matt Gaetz Is Probably Going To Be Criminally Charged For Child Sex Trafficking Soon

Federal prosecutors appear to have tons of evidence and cooperating witnesses who were close to Gaetz, as it is likely that the congressman will be charged soon with child sex trafficking, but none of this has stopped Gaetz from touring the country with Marjorie Taylor Greene on a Sleaze and Sedition Tour and speaking at Trump’s Florida rally.

Trump expressed interest in becoming Speaker Of The House in the same way that a cat expresses interest in a toy with a string tied to it.

He appears to have cooled on that possibility because it would require him to show up and potentially do work, and those are two things that Trump showed zero interest in while in the White House.

Trump isn’t going to be Speaker Of The House, and Matt Gaetz probably isn’t going to be around to spend the cash that he is raising, because it is an FEC violation to put donor cash in a prison commissary account.



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