Twitter Slueths Think They Found Lauren Boebert’s Burner Account

 Late last night and into this morning, accounts have been working to out a user. Smalltime@freedom53597835 has under 1000 followers and blew up. All because they had a video they “shouldn’t have.”

The video was of an interaction Boebert had with a media reporter in her area working on a story. The videographer was recording a site until he noticed her. At that moment, it seems both videos confirm they recorded each other.

She was recording him on her phone but seems to have no public posts of the phone recording. That is until this “freedom” account stopped in.

This account went ahead and tweeted the video all by itself. That leads media watchdogs to assume the fake Twitter established in the recent year is a burner.

After, users asked why the unknown user only tweeted Boebert’s content since its creation. Following the trail from other conservative social media hang-ups, the only assumption was that she ran the account.

The Twitter follows, interacts, and mirrors the professional Boebert account. (Not that it makes this account a fake or hers, which the user denied.) The account user is also defensive of Boebert’s positions, retweeting her content.

I can’t stress enough that this account may not be Boebert’s. It could be that the GOP member just has a fan in her district. However, it is just as likely that it isn’t the case.

This gun-toting congresswoman, dubbed Karen Boebert by followers of media Twitter, is now under fire as well. This account is public and holds that it is not Boebert. It just happens to be Boebert adjacent.

And who knows if this is a burner account. If it is, it could be one of a few, just casually liking her posts and spreading her influence. Either way, it’s a story worth following to the bank!