John Dean Says Trump Has Set A Massive Legal Trap For Himself

John Dean said that by filing his lawsuit against the tech companies who suspended his social media accounts, Trump has set a massive legal trap for himself.


Dean told CNN‘s Jim Acosta, “Well, he knows — he should know all the lawsuits he’s brought, even though he’s not an attorney that when you’re a plaintiff, you voluntarily put yourself in play for a deposition so that’s why, obviously, that question was asked, and he’s always said I’m willing to give a deposition, just like he’s always said I’m going to turn over my tax returns when the audit is finished. He’ll have an excuse for this. So I think what the big tech should do is just not move to dismiss will be the normal new but rather engage him because he’s going to lose on the merits. Seriously lose on the merits.”

Trump Publicity Stunt Lawsuit Could Blow Up In His Face

The deposition in the lawsuit could have wide-ranging consequences for Trump that go far beyond his Twitter and Facebook. For instance, if Trump was deposed and asked about the events of 1/6, he could provide evidence against himself to both law enforcement and the House Committee investigating the attack.

Trump is desperate for cash, relevance, and to have his Twitter account back. His lawsuit should be viewed as the action of a desperate man who is running out of options.

The Trump political brand is even more battered and hamstrung than it was before he left office, but his cry for attention may end up blowing up in his face and setting the stage for much more serious legal problems.