Jen Psaki Doesn’t Rule Out White House Meeting With Texas Democrats Stopping Voter Suppression Bill

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t rule out someone from the White House meeting with the Texas Democrats trying to stop the state’s voter suppression bill.


Psaki said when asked about the White House meeting with the Texas Democrats, “have a — let me see. There are certainly possibilities. We have, in the past, with other legislators coming to Washington. Let me see if there is a planned meeting with anyone from our team. “

If the White House wants to cement their push on voting rightsbeyond President Biden‘s highly anticipated speech this week, the image of these brave Democrats, who are risking arrest to protect voting rights, at the White House will go a long way.

Every American who cares about democracy and making sure that all eligible people can vote without barriers should treat these Texas Democrats like the heroes that they are.

If Texas Democrats can risk arrest, the least that Senate Democrats can do is get on the same page and use the infrastructure reconciliation bill to protect voting rights.