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“Kraken” Lawyer Sidney Powell Compares Herself to 1960’s Civil Rights Leaders Who Fought to Overturn Segregation

By the time the 2020 election rolled around, there were few reputable lawyers willing to work with Donald Trump. So he had to rely on Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. To say that it went badly for all of them would be an understatement.

On Monday, Powell was in a Michigan lawyer with Lin Wood. The state is deciding whether or not to sanction the pair of Trump lawyers. Again, it did not go well for them. At one point, a lawyer associated with Powell began openly weeping in court.

Powell, though, was completely undeterred. She even took the step of comparing herself to civil rights heroes fighting to end segregation back in the 1960’s.

In her closing statement, Powell told the court:

“It is the duty of lawyers of the highest tradition of the practice law to raise difficult and even unpopular issues. The fact that there may have been adverse precedent against us does not change that fact. Were that true, there would not have been a decision called Brown v. Board of Education. We have practiced law with the highest standards. We would file the same complaints again.”

In addition to the statement being ludicrous, it is also quite offensive. Those same Civil Rights leaders were fighting for voting access and fair treatment. The lawsuits being pushed by Powell would disenfranchise a huge number of voters, many of them people of color.

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