Megyn Kelly: The Media is Making January 6th Out to Be So Much Bigger Than it Was

Megyn Kelly was, at one point, one of the biggest stars in Conservative media. Her attempts to move away from the Fox News channel resulted in disaster when she left NBC after doing a segment where she defended blackface.

The former Fox News hosts opinions have only grown more extreme. During a recent episode, Kelly noted that the media is making too big a deal out of the recent insurrection.

Kelly’s guest, Chrissie Mayr, a comedian, said she was there at the riots. She told the host, “I was there and anybody who was there on the 6th is, like, blown away by how, like, inaccurate the media coverage is. At this point, it’s like I don’t want to listen to anybody’s thoughts on the 6th unless they were like there, like physically there, because it was so, like, not a big deal.”

Mayr continued, “I mean, it was horrible, like, like, Ashli Babbitt was murdered— should not have happened, but for a group who could have come fully armed to the Capitol, they didn’t.”

Kelly somewhat agreed, saying, “There is no question the media represented it as so much worse than it actually was.” The host did later concede, “Not like [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY)], ‘I need therapy for the rest of my life,’ afraid, but I can understand it, and I didn’t like seeing it at all.”

Kelly will soon be taking her increasingly extremist views to Sirirus/XM. The satellite radio company recently hired her to host a news show.