CNN’s Elie Honig Explains Why Allen Weisselberg Is the Perfect Person for Prosecutors to Flip

For months now, New York prosecutors have treated their investigation into the Trump Organization like an investigation into organized crime. And like high profile mob case, investigators are trying to get lower level soldiers to flip on the boss.

As of now, Allen Weisselberg, the long-time Trump Organization CFO has refused to turn on his boss. During a Tuesday night segment on CNN, Elie Honig said that could change and explained why Weisselberg is a great target for prosecutors.

Host Jake Tapper asked if it would be wise for the Trump Organization to separate themselves from Weisselberg. “It would be very risky for them to do that,” said Honig. “As a former prosecutor, it’s clear to me that these prosecutors are trying to flip Allen Weisselberg, and he’s the exact right person to flip. What you are looking for as a prosecutor is cracks. What we have seen already is a small one.”

Honig continued by talking about the recent decision to remove Weisselberg from leadership. “It is fairly routine in this situation to see someone removed from the position as an officer because that can get in the way of the business’s ability to do business. So I’m looking for are we going to see something more dramatic. Are we going to see public disputes? Is he going to change lawyers? That signals to me he might be changing his tune about cooperation, but we’re not there yet.”

Like John Gotti, Trump has remained a “Teflon Don” to this point. If Weisselberg was to flip though, the house of card could come crashing down.