Judge Roy Moore Loses His $95 Million Lawsuit Against Sacha Baron Cohen

Roy Moore has been a bit of an albatross for the Republican party. The former Alabama Supreme Court Justice won the state‘s senate primary in 2017. Then came accusations of sexual misconduct with an underage girl.

Thanks to those accusations, Democrat Doug Jones was able to win the race in the incredibly red state. Jones remained a US senator for over 2 years before losing to Tommy Tuberville in 2020.

To add insult to injury, Moore was also involved in a comedy skit conducted by Sacha Baron Cohen. The Borat comedian hooked the GOP lawmaker by pretending to give him an award for support to Israel. Once Moore got there, Cohen scanned him with a pedophile detecting wand that began to beep.

In response to the segment, Moore and his wife sued the comedian for $95 million. U.S. District Judge John Cronan threw the suit out of court on Tuesday. 

He wrote in a statement that the segment was, “clearly a joke. It is simply inconceivable that the program’s audience would have found a segment with Judge Moore activating a supposed pedophile-detecting wand to be grounded in any factual basis.”

Moore and his wife, nonplussed by the decision. Their lawyer, Larry Klayman, said in a statement, “Judge Cronan’s ruling makes no factual and legal sense. To the contrary, Judge Cronan’s dismissal is the joke, and more than a bad joke at that.”