Report: Rehabilitation Touting Jared Kushner Said He “Slow-Walked” Trump Craziest Orders Until He Forgot Them

Donald Trump has been out of the White House for a couple of months now. And things are not going all that well for him. Not only is he facing severe legal jeopardy in a number of states, there have also been a number of tell-all books revealing some of the crazier aspects of his presidency.

Another aspect of the post-Trump days is the rehabilitation efforts being made by the members of the former president’s inner circle. The latest to do so is Jared Kushner.

In an excerpt from his new book, Landslide, Michael Wolff reports:

“The four-year history of the Trump White House was, in one sense, the unlikely story of the rise and strange effectiveness of Jared Kushner. Much of the West Wing and campaign staffs were made up of people whom Jared had picked. Their common characteristic was that, while they were tolerant of Trump, they could be counted on to slow-walk his worst excesses; some, like Herschmann, acting for Kushner, even often sought to put a brake on them. Kushner, both for temperamental and strategic reasons, would not, in almost any circumstance, directly confront his father-in-law.”

The author continues, “Everything that happened in the Trump White House was a product of the president’s fevered impulses: a combination of resentments, dramatic flair, score settling, lack of knowledge or understanding, and a sense of what moved his audience. But this was filtered through a management system Jared had created to lower the immediate temperature precisely to the point where the president would not notice and Jared would not be blamed.”

Not that he had all that great a reputation before, but Jared Kushner was certainly harmed by joining the Trump White House. Any rehabilitation effort is likely to fail.