Trump Has His OJ If I Did It Moment By Admitting To Plotting A Coup

Trump is enraged at Gen. Mark Milley, and he took out his anger in a press release that seems to admit that he plotted a coup.

Trump Explains How He Would Plot A Coup If He Were Going To Plot One

Here is Trump’s statement:

Trump denies plotting a coup but then explains how he would plot a coup, and he definitely would not include Gen. Mark Milley in his plot because the General is bad at coups.

Trump’s Fingerprints All All Over The 1/6 Attack


The White House was in contact with the insurrectionists before 1/6. The Trump campaign funded the rally that brought the insurrectionists to DC, and Alex Jones has stated that he coordinated with Trump on the Capitol attack. 

“Mentally unstable” Trump can’t help himself. He is mad at Milley, so he responded by incriminating himself.

The 1/6 Committee will hold its first hearing in less than two weeks, and Trump seemingly can’t stop talking about the coup that he helped to plan and lead.

Donald Trump wants everyone to know that he did not plan and lead a coup, but if he did, here is exactly how he would do it.

Trump is confessing, and every American should be listening because he is preparing to do it all again.