WATCH: Historian Douglas Brinkley Explains That Donald Trump is Too Much of an Imbecile To Understand Why Hitler is Bad

Conservatives have a strange habit of comparing things to Adolf Hitler. During a congressional hearing, Candace Owens was asked about her previous positive comments about the German leader. And Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t help but compare COVID restrictions to Nazi Germany.

And according to some new reports, Donald Trump was also quick to praise the former German leader. During an interview wih CNN‘s Jake Tapper, Douglas Brinkley said that Trump is too much of an imbecile to understand why it was wrong to do so.

According to a new book by Michael Wolff, Trump once told John Kelly, “Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.” The former General and Chief of Staff then instructed Trump that you should never praise Hitler. 

When asked about the remarks, Brinkley told Jake Tapper, “Donald Trump… is a bit of an imbecile and has no sense of history. The late writer Norman Mailer used to tell me that, in history, only a few names get known. So, you know, Andy Warhol would paint Mao Tse Tung or Elvis Presley. I think Trump always wanted to be in that class of a known name.”

The renowned historian continued, “He never took the time to notice that you don’t want to be considered with Mao or Mussolini or Hitler in any way, shape, or form. He saw them more as celebrities.”

Not only did Trump praise Hitler, he was also compared to him in another tell-all book. General Mark Milley compared the former president’s attempts at initiating martial law to Hiter’s Reichstag Fire moment.