Federalist Society Exposed As A Hotbed Of Anti-Democracy Insurrectionists

The Stanford law student who was targeted by the Federalist Society for his parody of the organization has outed them as a hotbed of the insurrection.

Nicolas Wallace Says The Federalist Society Is Loaded With Insurrectionists

Wallace wrote in Slate:

The Federalist Society’s connections to the attack on the Capitol are no joke. The collective efforts of the Federalist Society’s membership provided a veneer of legal legitimacy to the falsehoods that fueled the insurrectionist mob. Meanwhile, the Federalist Society itself hasresolutely refusedto disavow those members who played a role in inciting the insurrection.

No organization with such extensive ties to a violent attack on our democracy should occupy a place of respect within the legal community. The Federalist Society has long relied on the participation ofvenerated attorneysandinfluential scholarsin campus events to shore up its reputation as a law school debate club. But those who engage in Federalist Society debates lend the organization an air of non-partisan credibility that iscompletely at odds with reality.

The Federalist Society cannot be allowed to successfully employ this cynical strategy while its most prominent members continue to fan the flames of a dangerous anti-democratic movement.

The Federalist Society Picked Trump’s Judicial Nominees And They Are An Enemy Of Democracy

The Federalist Society was able to load up the federal courts with hand-picked and many unqualified judicial nominees. The Federalist Society also put together the list for Trump‘s Supreme Court justices.

After Joe Biden won the election, the Federalist Society filed and bankrolled the bogus legal challenges to the 2020 election.

The Federalists are being exposed as a dangerous organization that is willing to try to manipulate the legal system for anti-democratic ends.