Michigan AG Dana Nessel Is Investigating Big Lie Pushing Republicans For Fraud

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is investigating Republicans who profit off of the big lie for fraud.


AG Nessel said on MSNBC:

In speaking with the Republican senator who shares the oversight committee in the Michigan state senate he indicated to me as much as they looked at over eight months and had many witnesses come in and testify and look at a number of documents they were unable to find any evidence at all of election fraud. 

However, they did find other types of fraud, and when I say that I mean false pretenses when they saw people profiteering off the lies and very troubling to them because senator McBroom believed that it was wrong and stealing essentially the same way to market a product and if you were to sell a product and say drink this potion and you lose weight. You look ten years younger. Prevents Covid. If you know that none of those things are true you have committed false pretenses but how’s that different than these attorneys or other individuals who say donate to me and give me money and prove there’s election fraud when they know that there is not. It’s not any different so those are the types to investigate. 

Republicans who push the big lie for profit will be held accountable in Michigan. This needs to be the norm across the country as pushing the big lie has become a cottage industry among the Trumpers in the Republican Party.

One of the ways to stop the big lie about the election from spreading is to take away the financial incentive from those who are trying to destroy democracy for profit.