Pew Research Highlights Republican Lawmakers “China” Obsession Fuel For Hate Crimes

Republican lawmakers, according to the Pew Research Center, have been mentioning China a lot. Those mentions: mostly negative and connected to conspiracy theories that fueled Asian hate crimes. 

That study by Pew focused on these GOP lawmakers and collected activity from their Democratic counterparts. While both made critical mistakes while talking about Asia and China, Republicans were much more negative. 

Pew said that the disparities are obvious with Covid.

“[Lawmakers] from the two parties have used highly distinctive language in these posts – that is, some terms were frequently used by members of one party but rarely by members of the other.” 

Democrats utilized the most common terms, with the dodgiest phrase being “Chinese Virus.” Republicans, on the other hand, were deep in the details. They diverged from Democrats by using “Communist,” “lie,” and “accountability.” 

All of these were thought to be potential reasons for a lack of COVID-19 cooperation internationally. Especially between China and the United States, as Alan Ryland wrote in April. But that’s just looking at the pandemic. 

Past Covid-19, the Anti-Asian sentiments abound, creating a long-term issue.

“In posts that mentioned China outside the context of the pandemic, Republican lawmakers were more than five times as likely as Democrats to use terms such as “propaganda,” “spy,” and “(intellectual) property (theft).”

Pew has also noted that Democrats in the U.S. also discuss racism when they use terms like “Chinese virus.” In fact, they say that Democrats are simply highlighting the impact this language may have.

Essentially, Democrats are discouraging hate crimes and the language that may spark that hate.

That language happens to stem from the GOP.

“That aligns with the Center’s other recent study, which found that that Democratic lawmakers produced 97% of recent social media posts that expressed concern about violence, racism or discrimination against Asian Americans.”

Now, it is still complicated. We talk about trade wars and other forms of government with a level of recklessness. We make comparisons while trying to navigate pandemics and foreign policy. However, as Democrats point out, and this Pew Research codifies, you can compete and still be respectful. 

As respectful as Gwen Berry protesting at the Olympic Trials. Both standing in contempt and competition while respecting those with whom she competes.