Mitch McConnell Claims Americans Don’t Want Voting Rights Bills

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the outrage over Republican voter suppression phony and argued that Americans don’t want voting rights bills.

Mitch McConnell Claims Americans Don’t Want Voting Rights Laws, And By Americans, He Means Mitch McConnell


Minority Leader McConnell said on the Senate floor, “Rewrite all 50 states election laws. It is the same stick we’ve been hearing here in this chamber for multiple years now. Remember they are sweeping takeover bid was written long long before any of the state laws which they now claim are prompting it. This phony outrage is wearing thin on the American people. Citizens know it isn’t attacking democracy. They have claims like common sense voter I.D. And common sense voter list maintenance. Alongside lots of early voting and mail-in voting and lots of election day voting. That kind of combination is not an attack on democracy. It is the definition of democracy. It is exactly what Americans want.”

Mitch McConnell Is Lying About The GOP Attack On Voting Rights

Republicans like McConnell have adopted the strategy of claiming that their voter suppression legislation does the opposite of what it actually does. McConnell claims that the legislation at the state level do all sorts of wonderful things when in reality the laws target African-American voters and voters who are more likely to vote for Democrats.

Republicans lost the 2020 presidential election by nearly 8 million votes., so it defies common sense that the GOP would respond to this defeat by making it easier for people who just beat them in the last election to keep voting.

The outrage over voting rights isn’t phony. It is very real. Contrary to what Mitch McConnell is selling, Americans want to vote, and they are going to stand back and watch their rights be taken away by sore loser Republicans.