Democrats Won’t Be Stopped As Republicans Set To Block Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Democrats are planning to keep steaming ahead as Republicans are set to block the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Republicans Are Going To Filibuster Bipartisan Infrastructure Vote

Politico reported:

Senate Republican leaders warned Monday that they will filibuster a Wednesday test vote on a bipartisan infrastructure deal if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer follows through with forcing one.


Despite the time crunch, moderate Democrats are signaling they are comfortable with Schumer’s play.

“I still believe Chuck’s got the right schedule,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.). If the vote fails Wednesday, he suggested: “What the hell? Keep us here in August.”

Democrats Won’t Be Stopped By Republican Dysfunction And Games.

The filibuster threat is a surprise to no one as it was widely expected that Senate Republicans would blow up the bipartisan deal as soon they found out that it wouldn’t stop President Biden from also backing a much larger reconciliation bill on human infrastructure.

If the bipartisan deal goes down in GOP flames, there will be much handwringing in the corporate media, but Democrats don’t care. Whatever the Republicans kill will be added to the reconciliation bill.

President Biden and Majority Leader Schumer outsmarted the Republicans and took away their ability to obstruct with the two-track strategy. 

Democrats are going to pass a massive bill that President Biden will sign into law, as Republicans are only hurting themselves by filibustering the bipartisan deal.