Local GOP Official Who Spread Conspiracies And Pandemic Misinformation Dies Of COVID

Linda Zuern was a local Republican official in Cape Cod who spread conspiracy theories and pandemic misinformation until she died of COVID.

Linda Zuern Spead Election Lies, January 6 Lies, and COVID Misinformation

Zuern’s obituary in The Cape Cod Times noted:

Zuern was brought from Cape Cod by MedFlight to the hospital in early June and had been in a coma on a ventilator until her death. She was not vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a close friend and one of her neighbors.


She was often seen holding a Trump support poster as motorists drove by honking in support or against, said Adam Lange who founded the group in 2017.  Lange was one of four people who protested last week in opposition to the state VaxBus program — which distributes COVID-19 vaccines — when it arrived in Provincetown.

Zuern’s Facebook account told a different story. She thought COVID was a global conspiracy. She was all in on the big lie, and she downplayed the January 6 insurrection.

Republicans Are Killing Themselves With COVID 19 Lies

Linda Zuern didn’t have to die.  Her family and friends could still have her around, but she chose to believe Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s lies instead of science.

She is an example of how Trump, Fox News, and many Republican officials are killing people with coronavirus misinformation.

Zuern stayed true to Donald Trump and his lies until she took her last breath on a ventilator and died.