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Candace Owens Becomes the Latest Conservative to Reference Nazis When Talking About How Republicans Are Treated

Republicans today have a proclivity for unashamedly comparing anything that inconveniences them to Nazi Germany. The most obvious example of this phenomenon is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The Georgia congressman likened COVID-19 restrictions to the treatment of German Jews in the 1930’s. When she had the opportunity to walk her comments back, she doubled down. Eventually she visited a Holocaust Museum and apologized

for her words.

Not learning anything from the Greene controversy, Candace Owens decided to make the same kind of analogies. While speaking on her podcast this week, the controversial pundit remarked

, “During the Holocaust the Nazis referred to the Jewish people as ‘rats’ as another form of dehumanization. I bring this up because right now, in this country, in America, conservatives are being dehumanized. I’m gonna say that again. Conservatives, right now, in the United States of America, are being dehumanized. That is not up for debate.”

Owens continued:

“The idea is to make millions of people believe that conservatives are vermin. And of course vermin has to be dealt with, right? That is why the Biden regime is stepping to the plate to deal with us. Biden’s government, like all evil regimes before it, is doing the population a favor. They’re conquering misinformation, guys. They’re dealing with the vermin. They’re gonna control the flow of information. In other words, they’re going to brainwash the masses.”

This isn’t the first time Owens has openly talked about Nazis. During a 2019 hearing, Congressman Ted Lieu called her out for praising Adolf Hitler.





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