Ivanka, Don Jr., And Eric Trump Dropped From Secret Service Protection

It has been six months since their failed president dad left office, which means that Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Trump no longer have Secret Service protection.

Taxpayers Are No Longer Paying For The The Secret Service To Protect Trump’s Kids

Via: Business Insider:


The six-month mark after Trump’s administration could also mark the end of Secret Service protection for former Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s adult children, though Trump is entitled to lifetime Secret Service protection. Former First Lady Melania Trump is also entitled to lifetime Secret Service protection; Barron Trump is entitled to protection until he turns 16.

The law provides former vice presidents with Secret Service protection for six months after the end of an administration, though the Biden administration can provide Pence with additional temporary protection if officials deem that it’s warranted.

Being that some Republicans think that Mike Pence is the anti-Christ, the former vice president might need an extension on that Secret Service protection.

Trump’s Kids Racked Up Huge Bills With Their Six Months Of Secret Service Protection

In one month, the adult Trump kids cost the taxpayers $140,000 for Secret Service protection. That number does not include the cost of having Secret Service agents stay at Trump properties.

Trump signed an executive order on his way out of the White House giving his kids and top aides an additional six months of Secret Service protection, but those six months are now up, which means that another Trump family con to bilk the taxpayers has come to an end.