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Kevin McCarthy’s 1/6 Committee Press Conference Was A Total Train Wreck

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that Republicans will be holding their own 1/6 investigation and may have gotten himself subpoenaed to testify before the real 1/6 Committee.

Kevin McCarthy’s Press Conference Was A Disaster

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy tried to rant and rave about how the 1/6 Committee was a partisan political exercise, but he didn’t make any sense. McCarthy also vowed that Republicans would conduct their own investigation, but the things he wanted to investigate were debunked conspiracy theories.


McCarthy May Have Gotten Himself Subpoenaed

Rep. McCarthy was asked about testifying before the real 1/6 Committee, and he answered, “My phone call is out there. The question is, you make a phone call after people are in the Capitol to advise the president of what’s going on doesn’t get to the answer of why were we ill-preparedThat’s really playing politics, and it really shows that’s where they want to drive, and we want to get all the answers. “

McCarthy is suggesting that his phone wasn’t important, but that is not what Rep. Liz Cheney has said. McCarthy’s phone call with Trump goes to the heart of why there wasn’t better preparation and security available on January 6.


Kevin McCarthy’s refusal to put light on his call with Trump suggests he has potential incriminating information and is engaging in a cover-up for Trump.

McCarthy’s press conference was a disaster. It was the Minority Leader attempting to create a smokescreen of fake outrage to hide the fact that he and the members of his party don’t want the American people to find out the answers to questions surrounding January 6.



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