Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames “Democrat Policies” for Crime in Georgia

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) claimed, without offering evidence or offering solutions, that “Democrat policies” are responsible for an increased crime rate in Georgia.

In the first six months of this year, homicides are up 50% and shootings are up 40% in the Democrat-run City of Atlanta,” she claimed, adding that “Democrat policies make Georgians less safe!”

Greene’s comments come after the Georgia House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee held their first hearing Monday to discuss crime in Atlanta.

“The residents of Atlanta are Georgians and we all live under the same Constitution. Let me quote to you from Article One, Section 1 of the Georgia Constitution. ‘Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government and shall be impartial and complete,'” House Speaker David Ralston read. “Let that be your mandate. Do good work and do it quickly.”

Ralston announced he will include an additional $3 million in his budget proposals for the remainder of this fiscal year and next year to provide for additional state law enforcement in Atlanta.

Last month, Greene lashed out at Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms after Bottoms blamed the increase of crime in her city on the Georgia Republican Party’s easing of Covid-19 restrictions and easy access to firearms.

“Atlanta’s Keisha Bottoms is one of America’s worst mayors, maybe even worse than [Lori] Lightfoot & [Bill] de Blasio,” Greene wrote on Twitter, referring to the respective mayors of Chicago and New York City.

“Lenox Mall used to attract shoppers from all over America, now it has metal detectors. BLM riots. Defund the police. Buckhead wants to leave,” she added, though she did not provide any evidence to back up her claims.

Greene has attacked Bottoms before, at one point claiming without evidence that “an EXPLOSION of crime and homicides” in Atlanta is the reason why the Biden administration at one point offered Bottoms an ambassadorship to the Bahamas.