Mitch McConnell Is Now Trying To Sabotage Biden By Refusing To Vote To Raise The Debt Ceiling

Mitch McConnell’s opposition to raising the debt ceiling is not surprising, but he is trying to use the tactic to slow down Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

Mitch McConnell Says Senate Republicans Won’t Vote To Raise The Debt Ceiling.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News tweeted McConnell’s comments:

Mitch McConnell Is Pulling From His Obama Era Playbook

Mitch McConnell, like Donald Trump, has very few plays in his playbook. McConnell is trying to slow down Biden and Chuck Schumer by throwing a debt ceiling crisis at Democrats to stop the speeding infrastructure reconciliation freight train that is heading straight for the GOP.

Republicans had no issue with throwing around trillions of dollars for the wealthy and corporations when they were in the majority and Trump was in office, but they start clutching their pearls and pocketbooks when the money is being used to actually help the vast majority of Americans who aren’t at the top of the wealth pyramid live better lives.

Democrats learned from the Obama years. They no longer put all of their eggs in the “this time Republicans will negotiate in good faith” basket.  McConnell can start fires that Senate Democrats have to put out, but he can’t stop them from passing key legislation and advancing President Biden’s agenda.