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Like Father, Like Son: Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Biden Over Crowd-Size at Town Hall

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Donald Trump Jr. used one of his father’s favorite talking points in his criticism of President Joe Biden‘s town hall last night. Trump Jr. brought up crowd size, claiming that Biden “can’t fill a small auditorium.”

What Trump Jr. did not mention: That the town hall was invitation-only

. CNN has not answered questions regarding how it chose the attendees, who had to submit questions to ask President Biden in advance.

Fox News also attacked Biden for the half-empty town hall, writing in a piece published earlier this morning that “The more than dozen empty rows weren’t apparent to television viewers thanks to flattering shots that appeared to show a full, non-distanced crowd packing the front rows.”


Former President Donald Trump routinely criticized Biden for drawing small crowd sizes, but Biden and his team have been clear that they do not want to hold big rallies when the nation is still grappling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The town hall, which took place in Ohio, provided a way for Biden to pitch his infrastructure proposal as he visits key Midwestern cities that will be in play in the 2022 midterm elections.

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