Republicans Are Now Whining That Democrats Are Being “Unreasonable” On Infrastructure

The chief Senate Republican negotiator for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) is complaining that Democrats are being “unreasonable.”

Rob Portman Says Democrats Won’t Be Reasonable On Mass Transit Funding


Portman complained to reporters, “Transit funding has not yet been resolved. That’s important, but if we can’t resolve it, we could leave that out. I hope not, but Democrats frankly are not being reasonable in their requests right now. We have a very generous offer out there that provides a significant increase in funding over the next five years.”

Democrats Won The Election. They Don’t Have To Reasonable To Republicans

One would think that after years of shoving their power down Democrats’ throats and claiming that they can do so because they won the election, Republicans might have some slight inkling about the situation that they are currently in.

Democrats won the election. They control the entire Congress and the White House. Their only obligation is to the American people. They don’t have to be reasonable, or frankly, include Republicans in anything that requires a simple majority to pass.

It is funny how Republicans can go from the mentality of suck it, we have the power to acting like sniveling little babies if Democrats won’t do what they want.

Republicans can whine all that they want, Whether it comes in the reconciliation bill or the bipartisan bill, Democrats have the power, so the Senate Republican complaints are irrelevant.