Greg Abbott Comes Unhinged And Screams About Biden Being A Liar

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) can’t defend the new Texas efforts to suppress the vote, so he went on Fox News and started screaming about President Biden being a liar.

Greg Abbott Calls President Biden A Liar For Telling The Truth About Voting Rights


Abbott said on Fox News Sunday:

This is the same president who called me a neanderthal and now calling Jim Crow. This is diminishing to the people of the United States of America who did suffer Jim Crow. Anybody who says it’s Jim crow law, they don’t know Jim crow laws because there’s no segregation, no attempt to make it harder of people color, in fact, Texas passed a voter id law a few years ago and they said the same thing always, voter suppression that will deny people of color the ability of vote, ever since we passed the law, there’s been more people vote than ever before including people of color. 

It’s easier today than it has ever been for people of color and all Texans to be able to cast a vote and the aspersions that are being cast by the President of the United States are reprehensible and shows the American people that the President Of The United States is willing to lie about what’s going onto try to get his way.

Greg Abbott And Republicans Are Losing The Message War On Voting Rights

The reason why Abbott came unglued is that Biden and the Democrats are winning the message war with the American people on voting rights. Abbott and the Republicans aren’t fooling anybody outside of their own party with their plot to rig elections.

Republicans will pass their laws, but they are losing the long-term fight. Abbott can’t make a credible argument that is factual for the Texas law, so he threw a fit and called President Biden a liar.

The pressure is getting to Republicans like Greg Abbott, who know that while winning the short-term battle, they are losing the war.