Rep. Jim Banks Admits Trump Plot To Undermine 1/6 Committee

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) says he was booted from the 1/6 Committee for a plot to blame the attack on Speaker Pelosi.

Jim Banks Shows Why He Was Booted From The 1/6 Committee


Rep. Banks said on Fox News Sunday:

Well, it’s more clear than ever that Nancy Pelosi is not interested in investigation, she’s only interested in a narrative. She claims the reason she booted me from the committee was because of antics on the part of Jim Jordan and I and in hindsight what I realize what she means by that now is that we were prepared to ask questions that no one else has asked and demand answers as to why the capital was vulnerable to an attack on January 6th. 

Why was there a systemic breakdown of security at the capitol on January 6th? If you’re going to investigate January 6th, why not ask those questions? That’s all that — that’s all that this comes down to. She has already predetermined a narrative about Donald Trump, about Republicans. She doesn’t want to talk about what happened at the Capitol that day to make sure something like that never happens again. 

Banks went on to say that Pelosi booted him from the committee because she is afraid that he will make her look bad.

Republicans Are Admitting The Plot To Undermine The 1/6 Committee

If the plan to undermine the 1/6 Committee by turning it into an investigation of Speaker Pelosi sounds familiar, that’s because Donald Trump tried to use the same strategy at his second impeachment trial. Given the linage of the previous attempt and the fact that McCarthy tried to add Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to the Committee after he met with Trump, the arrows are clearly pointing in the direction of the former president as the source of this plot.

Pelosi saw through this and was many steps ahead of Trump and McCarthy, but Republicans aren’t hiding it. Banks and Jordan were saboteurs who were trying to destroy the 1/6 Committee from within.