Nicolle Wallace: The Horrible and Disgraceful Way the GOP Has Treated Capitol Police Officers Will Be on Display Tomorrow [VIDEO]

It has been pretty obvious, over the past few weeks, that the GOP has no interest in looking into the events of January 6th. Rather than taking a congressional panel seriously, Kevin McCarthy tried to make a sideshow of it by putting Trump sycophants like Jim Banks and Jim Jordan on it.

The Republicans know that this hearing is going to make them look terrible. And the attacks on the police officers testifying have already begun. Last week, Tucker Carlson painted officer Harry Dunn as a radical socialist who doesn’t represent real police officers.

Nicolle Wallace discussed the upcoming panel during her Monday show. “These were not victimless crimes,” she said. The crime of lying about the insurrection left the law enforcement officials who the political affiliation was not known to anyone, still really isn’t. The trauma that was done to them happened on live TV. We all saw it with our own eyes. For Republicans to have denied their heroics, to have denied the brutality to have denied the gruesome nature of their beatings at the hands of Donald Trump supporters, is almost a crime on top of a crime.”

The host continued, “The horror and the disgrace of the Republican Party led by Kevin McCarthy’s treatment of these officers will also be on display.”

The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes weighed in, “ It will and I expect the testimony will be very, very compelling, will be very, very dramatic, and will, in fact, make it very difficult for the public not to recognize the assault on law enforcement. “

The GOP and its media machine will be working very hard to distract from the upcoming panel. It will be incumbent upon Democrats to keep the pressure on.