Republicans Tried To Adjourn The House To Protest Mask Mandate And It Laughably Flopped

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), which is one of the states that leading the US in COVID cases, tried to adjourn the House protest the mask mandate, and it failed.

House Republicans Tried To Adjourn The House Over Mask Mandate

Here is what happened when Republicans tried to force the House to adjourn:

Way to flex your muscles and show Democrats that masks are bad.

Oh. Wait a minute.

Republicans Couldn’t Even Get All Of The House Republicans To Support Their Protest.

The motion crashed and burned because House Republicans couldn’t even agree among themselves to protest the mask mandate.

A good rule of thumb for a member of Congress is to make sure that you actually have the support of all the members of your caucus before you launch a protest, or else you will look like a complete idiot when it fails.

Speaker Pelosi brought back the mask mandate on the House floor, because surprise, many House Republicans have refused to get vaccinated. The vaccination rate among members of the House is not 100%, so Speaker Pelosi really had no choice.

Speaker Pelosi is trying to protect people, but even in failure, the message from House Republicans is that they want to spread COVID and kill as many of their supporters as possible.